Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Come on in!

Aloha beautiful, thank you for comming over and checking out my new channel! I'm hoping this one is going to be better then the last one I had ''.

I felt the need to make a new blog as the blog I was using did not cover everything I wanted to speak e.g reviews on things around the house, and other DIY things. But don't worry it is not all going to be stuff around the house there is still going to be the other stuff e.g.: Hauls, vlogs, and other exciting things.

I have a new camera! As it was my birthday last weekend I brought my self a camera. I purchased the 'Canon PowerShot SX150 14.1MP Camera - Black'. I love it and it takes such clear photographs on it!

Thank you for reading & you will hear from me very soon!
kiah xox

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