Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review | Maybeline BB cream.

Aloha beautiful, I ordered some products from superdrug last week and the 'Maybelline bb cream' came with the delivery for free. I was pleased that I recieved a sample for free but unfortantly it was in the shade light. There was no problem there as my other half said she would try it out. So here it is!

I thought that the packaging was nicely presented and when I opened the sample there was more then 1 application with I thought was great. The sample says 'BB or blemish balm is the ultimate all-in-one cream, combining a moisteriser, a primer, a concealer and a foundation to create a naturally flawless-looking complexion in an instant'.

Thats alot to be claiming for,  all of that in one? I dont really think it did all of those things, I would say it is more like a concealer you put all over your face. Which really would be a waste for all over the face. As the foundation/concealer did not really cover the imperfections in the face. I would not buy this product as I am the type of girl that likes a full coverage. If you dont like the full coverage it is a great product for you.

Amanda said: 'I thought that the product could have been alot better, but was very easy to apply. Maybelline needs to re-think about this product as people with sensitive skin would not be able to use this. As I myself have sensitive skin and had to remove the product straight away. It made my skin feel tight, itchy and it also felt like it was burning.

As I have quite pale skin I thought that the 'LIGHT' shade would have suited my complexion well, but it infact made my face go rather orange. I would not buy this product as I couldn't wear it, I also think that they should bring more colours out in their range as the 'LIGHT' shade was more like a 'MEDIUM' shade.'

Photos of the application:

This was before the 'BB cream' application, I have nothing on my face'.

During the application of the cream. (ME  doing to application ;))

After the application. As you can see it is VERY ORANGE.
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  1. thanks for this review. very informative. i have a new post up about a shoot i styled, would love to know what you think!