Sunday, 23 September 2012

How to | clean your make-up brushes.

Aloha beautiful, this is how I clean my makeup brushes and how I think it works best for me. I've done it this way for many months and is also how my mum told me to clean them. If you are unsure how you clean your brushes then keep reading!

Step one: Get a bucket of water or do it over the sink (it doesn't matter), fill the bucket/sink with warm water then put in a dove soap bar. Only put enough water in the bucket/sink to do your brushes otherwise it will splash every where!

Step two: Put your brushes into the bucket/sink then pick up a brush and the soap in each hand then rub the bristles into the bar of soap and the make up will come out of the soap keep doing this until the soap bubbles becomes clear. I find it easier to rub the brush on the back of your hand to see if all of the make up it out.

Step three: When all of the make up is washed out of the brush dip the brush back into the water to rinse out the soap. 

Step four: When the make up is out of the brush squeeze the bristles to dry the water out of the brush.

Step five: Your brushes are nearly done! Once you have rinsed the brush leave on a dry kitchen towel (or where ever you want to leave them in) then place them in a aireated room. I find its best leaving them by my bedroom window with the window open as they dry quicker. 

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